Party Bus Washington Dc

If you’re scouting the Internet for a party bus in Washington, DC, we highly recommend Universal Bus Charter & Tours. Travel to your destination in luxurious comfort without having to navigate the tough DC roads. Universal’s experienced drivers will get you where you’re going on-time and in style, so sit back and relax while Universal takes care of your transportation.

Save money on your group’s travel arrangements by hiring Universal. Check out the party bus packages available by clicking on the ‘Packages’ link on any page to find out what’s available. Universal has the perfect size party bus in Washington DC for your group, with buses expressly designed to accommodate your group of 14-40 passengers. Visit the following package options online to find out how Universal can uniquely cater to your needs:

Bachelor or Bachelorette Party: Whether your group prefers to party in the bus for all night fun, or would like luxury transport to an event, Universal will go to great lengths to ensure your group is completely satisfied with the comfort and amenities afforded. Universal Bus Charter’s fleet has the perfect vehicle for your needs, with amenities that will guarantee your guest of honor is having the time of their life. We recommend the 24-passenger limo bus with luxury leather seating and all the extras to keep the party going.

Party Bus For Prom: Prom only comes about once in a lifetime. Make it a truly engaging experience by renting a party bus in Washington, DC for you and several other couples for an affordable way to travel to your prom in style. You’ll enjoy your prom to its fullest by socializing with your friends on your way to the dance and to the after-prom activities happening in the city. Universal’s chauffeurs will make as many trips as necessary to ensure your event is a memorable one.

Wedding Transport: A wedding is just not a wedding without luxury transportation for the happy couple- but why stop there? Rent a party bus in Washington, DC for your guests to travel from the airport to the wedding, from the wedding to the reception party, from the party to the hotel, or back to the airport, depending on the individual needs of your guests. Universal Bus Charter understands it’s not easy for people coming in to DC to navigate the city’s roads and thoroughfares. Instead of arranging for rental vehicles, your party bus can accommodate for all of the needs of your guests at a very affordable price. Plan your wedding with luxury transportation in mind-your guests will thank you!

Universal’s drivers are highly experienced in providing deluxe travel arrangements that include taking in the sights and sounds of the area. Whether you prefer a daytime or nighttime sightseeing tour, Universal Bus Charter can ensure every member of your group has a terrific time. Book your tour by calling Universal at 301-358-4141. You deserve comfortable, stylish transportation while visiting DC- Universal is happy to make that happen.

Party Bus Washington Dc
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